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Fine Art Collection of more than 100 unique masterpieces based on “painting over photography” technique



This project was born more than three years ago when started gathering hundreds of photographs of different forest areas for later start performing paintings based on those images to create without doubt the most valuable artist work in terms of dedication and performance from the author.

Using his two main artist tools combined, “camera and brush”, artist brings this collection composed by more than 100 works based on “painting over photography” technique, where lights, shadows, textures, and colors through layers of impressionistic brush strokes, result on unique fine art digital works. Both the base of each image and the final art performed for each painting, are all entirely work by own authorship.

Every piece of this collection follows some common painting techniques and color combinations as per artist expertise, plus individual performance for each single work as per inspiration of the author.

The high-quality of digital art on each piece, allows the holder to procure the possibility for a large reproduction which could fill whatever long-length wall. 

Medium available for each piece of art: 

Digital file – High Resolution JPG (size resolution higher than 15MP).
License: Can be used to display privately, or in commercial and non-commercial settings, or in groups with an unlimited number of participants. The license includes unlimited use and display in virtual or physical galleries, documentaries, and essays. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise, commercial distribution, or derivative works.
      o Price of art work (JPG HQ file): 150€

Digital HQ printing (giclée) up to 100cm x 70cm 
The artwork is delivered on canvas by giclée printing and rolled on a tube, together with a certificate of authenticity signed by the author. 
      o Price of art work (Printing 100cm/70cm): 200€
      o Price of art work (Printing 70cm/50cm): 180€
Consult shipping costs and final price by contacting the artist.

NFT available at OpenSea 
All pieces of the project are embodied in the metaverse with a collection of more than 100 unique NFT's within 1 single edition. Every NFT is minted as unique 1/1. The high-quality of digital art on each NFT, allows the holder to procure the possibility for a large reproduction.

> About the author – JOSE PESQUERO 

Jose Pesquero is a Painter, Nature Photographer and Digital Art Works Creator.
Born in Spain in 1968, both Painting and Photography as an art, have been an attraction to him since many years ago, having devoted hundreds of hours capturing nature images along many trips worldwide. 

He feels attracted and influenced by the classical impressionist trend on his works, where he usually pursues a contribution beyond a documentary vision, recreating special environments and focusing on the aesthetics of picturesque landscapes. He always attempts to transfer his sensitivity and passion, isolating himself emotionally and channeling the moments of solitude in the middle of the forest with all his senses to capture magic lights and colors.

Nature is always his inspiration, where he finds the base for his creative process of “copying, transforming and combining”. His intuitive and self-taught style has allowed him to explore different painting skills, from simple oil on canvas to a challenging combination with digital art techniques to achieve impressive art works. 

He has exhibited some of his works at Galleri Duerr in Sweden, as well as collaborated with some Festivals like Manchester International and O/Modernt.

His most recent project is “Forest Paintings”, a collection composed by more than 100 works based on “painting over photography” technique.